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Journal "Regional'nye problemy"

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The Journal "Regional’nye problemy" (Regional Problems) has been published since 1995. Original researches on all aspects of regional development (Biology, Earth Sciences, Economics and Social Sciences) are published in the journal. Some issues may be thematic or target.

The Journal Founder: Institute for Complex Analysis of  Regional Problems of  the Russian Academy of Sciences, Far Eastern branch (ICARP FEB RAS).

The Journal "Regional’nye problemy" (Regional Problems) is an openly accessible journal published four times a year.

Chief  Editor: Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Efim Y. Frisman

ISSN print: 1605-220X; е - 2618-9593                  

Address for correspondence
The Journal "Regional’nye problemy"
4 Sholom-Aleikhem St.
Birobidzhan 679016

Phone: 8 (42622) 41671
E-mail: Reg.probl@yandex.ru
Website: http://rp.icarp-febras.ru

Vol. 21 No. 2, 2018


To the high mountain fl ora of the northern part of the Bureya Upland

Schlotgauer S.D.
образец_PDF.jpgPDF (1697 К)

Synanthropic component of the vascular plant fl orain Jewish Autonomous Region
Rubtsova T.A.
образец_PDF.jpgPDF (3256 К)

Azure tit (Cyanistes Cyanus) in the Amur and Jewish Autonomous Regions
Kapitonova L.V., Dugintsov V.A., Averin A.A., Zhu Baoguan, Antonov A.I., Heim W.
образец_PDF.jpgPDF (2423 К)

About study of bats history for the last century in Vladivostok
Gorobeyko U.V.
образец_PDF.jpgPDF (1898 К)

Variability of palatal ridges of the sable (Martes zibellina) in the Middle Amur Region
Frisman L.V., Kapitonova L.V.
образец_PDF.jpgPDF (3187 К)

On a model of migration-related populations with long-range interactions
Kulakov M.P.
образец_PDF.jpgPDF (2977 К)


Transformation of the Amur and Ussuri Rivers local fl oodplain-channel systems as a factor for transboundary problems

Makhinov А.N., Kim V.I., Anoshkin A.V., Liu Shuguan, Makhinova A.F., Dugaeva Ya.Yu.
образец_PDF.jpgPDF (1634 К)

Salt composition of the Ussuri River waters
Shesterkin V.P., Krutikova V.O.
образец_PDF.jpgPDF (1878 К)

Assessment of chemical soils contamination in the Khabarovsk small rivers water protection zones
Koshelkov A.M., Matiushkina L.A.
образец_PDF.jpgPDF (2151 К)

Predicting the emergence and spread of grass fi res – on the example of Jewish Autonomous Region
Glagolev V.A.
образец_PDF.jpgPDF (2231 К)

Evaluation methods of vegetation fi re risks
Zubareva А.M.
образец_PDF.jpgPDF (701 К)


State support of small business in the Jewish Autonomous Region: opinion of authorities and entrepreneurs

Kalinina I.V., Solovchenkov S.A.
образец_PDF.jpgPDF (1224 К)

Climatic discomfort and morbidity at the Russian Far East
Grigorieva E.A.
образец_PDF.jpgPDF (1810 К)


History of research of the genus Potentilla l. (Rosaceae)

Motorykina T.N.
образец_PDF.jpgPDF (908 К)


Man and nature (about the book by S.M. Govorushko «The impact of man on nature: illustrated atlas of the world»)

Ivashov P.V.
образец_PDF.jpgPDF (663 К)

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